Two years after the release of Water for Nature, Water for People: Yukon Water Strategy and Action Plan, the Government of Yukon continues to make significant progress towards meeting its water management goals, Minister of Environment Wade Istchenko announced today.

Istchenko said, “Over the last two years we have greatly expanded the water monitoring network across the territory and have taken steps to improve wastewater treatment. The Yukon government is committed to ensuring that all Yukoners have access to safe drinking water, and to protecting water for nature.”

Yukon’s water strategy and action plan recognizes the common goals of all water managers in the territory, including federal, First Nation and municipal governments. It identifies more than 50 actions the Yukon government has taken over the last two years to meet these goals. Highlights of the past year’s work include:

  • hosting a second Water Forum for water managers from across the territory;
  • expanding the Domestic Water Well Program to include municipalities;
  • launching or advancing water-related baseline studies; and
  • expanding long-term water monitoring networks with the installation of eight groundwater wells, nine hydrometric stations and one water-quality site.

To date, the Government of Yukon has invested $1.85 million as part of the three-year, $3.35 million action plan. A complete list of highlights can be found on the Department of Environment website.

To read Water Canada’s interview with Heather Jirousek, a program advisor at Environment Yukon’s water resources branch when we spoke to her about the Yukon’s Water Strategy, click here. 


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