Federal Government Invests $9.2M in White Bear First Nation

By Water Canada 07:10AM July 26, 2017



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The government of Canada announced new investments to the elimination of the long-term drinking water advisory in White Bear First Nation in Saskatchewan.

The approximately $9.2 million will help replace the community’s water treatment system, enabling more than 800 residents to access clean water for the first time in over five years. The project, expected to be complete by December 2018, is part of Canada’s commitment of $1.8 billion to improve water infrastructure and strengthen Indigenous communities.

“This investment means that soon, people in White Bear First Nation will be able to turn on the tap and drink the water and businesses and organizations will be better able to provide effective services. We are a proud partner with White Bear First Nation as it continues to grow and prosper. This is reconciliation in action.”

Minister Caroline Bennett stated, “The new water treatment facility, with the latest technology, will provide the best quality water for the health of our Elders and children. Having access to clean, safe and dependable water is critical for the long-term prosperity of our community, as we continue to grow in terms of our population and economic base. Whether it’s commercial or residential, long-term planning is impossible without a healthy and reliable supply.”

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