Kat Hartwig brings her passion for environmental protection to her role as the executive director of Living Lakes Canada, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to protecting, restoring, and rehabilitating water bodies and watersheds.

Under Hartwig’s leadership, the organization has been working on a number of projects and initiatives to help individuals understand the impacts of climate change.

Living Lakes Canada
In October 2018, Living Lakes Canada spent a couple of days in Smithers, B.C. delivering a CABIN field practicum to representatives from Gitxsan Environmental Services, Gitanyow Fisheries Authority, Wetsuweten Fisheries, Skeena Fisheries, Lake Babine Fisheries, and Eclipse Geomatics.

For her tireless efforts and commitment, Hartwig received the Water Steward of the Year award at the Water’s Next Awards Dinner Gala in June 2017. Water Canada had an opportunity to catch up with Hartwig and ask her a few questions about what it was like to win the award, what projects and initiatives she has been working on since receiving it, and what the future potentially holds.

What was it like winning the Water’s Next Award in 2017?

It was a privilege and honour to be recognized. Often when you win those kinds of awards, you get lots of notes of congratulations from your colleagues. It is just nice to have the recognition of because often this work is unrecognized. I think Water Canada is doing a good thing by recognizing the hard work of people who have been involved and dedicated over the decades.

To read the full interview, check the Mar/Apr 2019 issue of Water Canada.



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