The following five news stories were the most read in the stormwater category on Water Canada’s website in 2019.

  1. Vancouver Adopts Rain City Strategy to Manage Stormwater

Vancouver City Council has voted to adopt the Rain City Strategy, which reimagines how the city manages stormwater using green infrastructure. The Rain City Strategy outlines a series of actions to improve water quality in the natural environment, increase resilience to climate change, and enhance natural ecosystems in the city. Read the full news story here.

  1. Standards Council of Canada Moves Toward National Stormwater Guidance

A joint report from the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), Engineers Canada, Credit Valley Conservation, and Zizzo Strategy provides an overview of existing stormwater standards in Canada and acts as a seed document to develop a national standard for stormwater quality management. Read the full news story here.

  1. City of Markham Takes Green Approach to Flood Control

As part of the Government of Canada’s Disaster Mitigation and Adaption Fund (DMAF), the City of Markham has been awarded $48,640,000 for Markham’s Stormwater Management Strategy and Flood Control Program. This includes three key projects will increase the capacity of an overloaded storm sewer system and protect neighbourhoods from potential flooding and sewer backup. Read the full news story here.

  1. Stormwater System in Kitchener Receives $49.9 Million in Funding

The City of Kitchener has received $49.9 million in funding from the Government of Canada for a stormwater management system that will help protect residents from the effects of heavy rainfalls. The project will add stormwater drainage controls in some neighbourhoods and redesign a natural channel to help manage heavy rainfalls. Read the full news story here.

  1. Alberta Funds Regional Stormwater Management Project

Communities in southern Alberta will be better protected from the impacts of severe weather thanks to a regional stormwater management project. Read the full news story here.


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