You may have noticed a small but important change when you picked up the July/August issue of Water Canada. It was right there, right on the cover. Did you spot the difference?

If you didn’t, that’s okay. We’re sure most people missed it, or didn’t know it well enough to spot the change. But if you looked closely at the top left corner, you may have caught that something was different.

It’s there, right above the big Water Canada logo. A line of text. One signifying the opportunity to sharpen our lens; to help you, the reader, understand what to expect from us each and every time you flip through the pages of our publication.

For years, Water Canada was referred to as The Complete Water Magazine, which was often followed by an editor, a salesperson, or our company CEO telling you “from the source to the tap and back again.” It was an all-encompassing turn-of-phrase, one that said that we were about everything the sector had to offer. Wow, that’s a lot of water to cover.

Over the past several months, we’ve tried to truly appreciate what role we play in a water industry in Canada, one that’s filled with an extensive association landscape, many of whom are also sharing some amount of water news. And while our website,, has the ability to capture a wider catchment of the Canadian water industry, there are only so many pages available in every issue of Water Canada.

We had conversations with friends and colleagues throughout the industry, analyzed our subscriber lists, and evaluated the water news landscape in Canada. And when all of that was complete, three things remained on our list of key reporting priorities: projects, policies, and innovation. Features on projects allow you to see the work being done across the country to build stronger, more resilient water infrastructure. Features on policies keep you up-to-date on the implemented, and discussed, legislation that could impact the national water industry. Features on innovation allow you to appreciate the new technologies and techniques being adopted in Canada, produced in Canada, or offered to the Canadian market by the global industry.

These have always been a strong focus of our industry coverage in the pages of Water Canada. Arguably, they have been the foundation of what we have reported. Along with leading industry research and reports, key issues impacting remote and First Nations communities, and thought leadership from the industry’s most respected voices, projects, policies, and innovation have always been at the core of the information we present to you, the industry.

We want to be on the cutting edge of the water conversation, the source everyone in the industry turns to for the latest important industry discussions, delivered to your doorstep or your Inbox. It’s what our annual Canadian Water Summit has always strived to be, and it has been the same for our publication.

Now we’re just planting the flag a little more firmly into the ground.


  1. Clear direction and purpose! I’m proud of how the 20+ year evolution of Water Canada magazine has continued to keep up with the changes in the industry, and more importantly, our reader and advertiser needs. Thanks Andrew, Simran, Nick and the whole Actual Media team for always staying on top of the ‘wave’! 🙂


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