EPCOR is launching a new program to remove the remaining lead service lines from Edmonton’s water infrastructure.The program targets the 5,000 homes built before 1950 that receive their water through lead service lines. Residents or owners will be offered:

  • Free testing of household tap water;
  • Free tap-mounted water filters for those who may have concerns about tap water quality;
  • Permanent replacement of the water lines servicing their property. EPCOR will fund replacement up to the property line; customers would be responsible for costs to replace pipe on their property.

Eligible households are being contacted by letter in March and April 2008 and invited to participate in the program. The program does not affect the 97 per cent of Edmonton homes that receive their water through non-lead pipes.

“The quality of Edmonton’s tap water is extremely high – 99.9 per cent of Edmonton homes met or exceeded all water quality parameters,” Dr. Stephen Stanley, senior vice president for EPCOR Water Services, said in a press release.

The Lead Service Replacement Program will see the water in all homes with lead service pipes tested and all EPCOR-owned lead service pipes in the city replaced. The program also reflects input from Capital Health, Alberta Environment and Edmonton residents. It is being launched ahead of new federal guidance on lead sampling in drinking water that may be incorporated into future provincial regulations.

For more information, visit epcor.ca.


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