Dr. Gene Shelp, president and CEO of ENPAR Technologies Inc. has announced that ENPAR has been awarded a commercial contract for the construction and on-site testing of a pilot scale plant to treat ammonia in mine water using ENPAR’s patented AmmEL System. Completion of the on-site testing is expected during the first quarter of 2009.

ENPAR anticipates that the success of the on-site pilot plant will lead to a commercial contract for the construction and installation of a full-scale treatment plant as part of the planned development at a mining site located in Northern Ontario.

The AmmEL System is an electrochemical treatment process that has proven extremely effective at converting ammonia to environmentally friendly nitrogen gas at temperatures that are just above freezing, thus allowing the year round treatment and discharge of water that meets environmental guidelines. Unlike conventional biological nitrification systems, the AmmEL System does not produce nitrate as a by-product.


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