Just prior to the oil spill that leaked 250 cubic metres of oil into the North Saskatchewan River, the city of Edmonton, Alta. launched a campaign to reduce household pollutants from entering the river.

The city has launched an awareness campaign with the aim of keeping improving the health of the river.

The campaign explains that runoff from lawn fertilizer, car washing, and improper disposal of chemicals down sewers can lead to untreated chemicals entering waterways and potentially harming plants and fish.

Mayor Don Iveson of Edmonton said, “As stewards of the river valley and the North Saskatchewan River,we’re individually responsible for preserving our watershed’s health. With a few simple steps to reduce your overall impact, you can help improve water quality.”

Suggested actions include:

  • Take vehicles to a commercial car wash instead of washing them on driveways
  • Avoid excessive lawn fertilizing, especially during rainy weather, and use slow-release natural fertilizer.
  • Properly dispose of paint, oil, RV tanks and chemicals

The program is one of several that the City of Edmonton has launched as part of its River for Life strategy to help preserve the North Saskatchewan River’s water.


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