Cochrane, AB – Cochrane is celebrating the completion of a critical milestone in our water strategy, with the acquisition of a new water licence. This marks a significant step towards ensuring long-term water security for our growing community.

Working collaboratively with the Ministry of Environment and Protected Areas, Cochrane completed the successful transfer of the Girl Guides of Canada water licence from Camp Jubilee to the Town of Cochrane.

“This acquisition is a huge step forward for Cochrane and reflects an innovative, win-win solution for our community, ” said Mayor Genung, Town of Cochrane. “Not only does this ensure future water security for Cochrane, it also supports Girl Guide of Canada’s land—an investment in our own community – and carries significant financial benefits by avoiding the need to purchase this licence from the open market, resulting in significant cost savings.”

Over the last decade, Cochrane Administration has been working with the Girl Guides of Canada to facilitate the transfer of their non-consumptive water licence to the Town of Cochrane in exchange for the Town providing servicing to Camp Jubilee. This will enable Girl Guides of Canada to provide increased programming and servicing in Cochrane and supports the Town of Cochrane in acquiring the additional water licence needed to support our growing community. As part of the 2024 budget deliberations, Council approved $550,000 to support design of the servicing, and an additional $7.35M for consideration in the 2025 budget deliberations to construct the servicing.

Administration is continuing to work to acquire additional consumptive water licenses to serve our community for the foreseeable future. Cochrane remains committed to the philosophy of growth pays for growth. And through the implementation of water connection fees during the development phase, introduced in September 2023, a sustainable funding model is established to acquire additional licenses without adding strain to taxpayers. This reflects Cochrane’s dedication to seeking innovative solutions that alleviate financial burdens.

Prior to this acquisition, Cochrane’s water licence was designed to sustain a population of around 47,000 people. Through community water conservation efforts, tiered water rates, and the Water Loss Mitigation program, Cochrane only utilized 65% of its existing water licence in 2023, showcasing the effectiveness of sustainable practices.

“The data reflects Cochrane’s respect for our critical resources, demonstrated through responsible water stewardship and ongoing conservation efforts within our community,” said Drew Hyndman, Executive Director Development and Infrastructure Services. “Continuing these conservation efforts will maximize the capacity of our water licences.”

Cochrane’s 25-year water strategy will continue, with updates provided as they become available. Through sustained long-range planning and collaborative partnerships, efforts will continue to ensure long-term water security.

Hyndman added, “We’ve heard concerns from our residents about Cochrane’s ability to provide water to our growing community. And we want to assure them that while this complex, innovative solution has been in the works for years – we have remained steadfast in ensuring we are always able to provide this continued level of service for our community. This agreement ensures a critical component of community building is in place for the long term.”

Camp Jubilee, owned by Girl Guides of Canada, is adjacent to the Bow River, east of the Highway 22 bridge. It includes five overnight buildings and six tenting sites.

For more information on Cochrane’s 25-year water strategy and water conservation initiatives, please visit


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