Ottawa-based Clearford Industries Inc. has made agreements with two municipal governments representing towns near Cali, Colombia to design and supply wastewater collection and treatment systems. This agreement is for the residential areas of San Pedro and Cerrito, Valle de Cauca, which have a total population of more than 25,000 people and currently have no functioning wastewater collection systems. Funding for these systems has been committed to the communities from the Government of Columbia on an annual basis and the systems are eligible for funding from international development agencies. Capital funding has yet to be finalized.

Under the agreement announced today, the company has been given the right to supply its system with end treatment, provided that final construction contracts are negotiated on or before December 21, 2010. Clearford has committed to provide the Project Authorities with treatment designs that meet the following criteria:

  • Capital and operating cost being 10 per centless than for the purchase, installation, operation and maintenance of the traditional gravity sewer and central treatment system,
  • Water exiting the system is superior to the current government discharge standards, and
  • Biosolids in the wastewater are digested to create green fuel.


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