Ottawa-based Clearford Industries Inc., developer of a wastewater collection system, has partnered with Engineers India Limited (EIL) for the utilization of the Clearford system in India. The parties have entered into a memorandum of intention to jointly pursue projects using Clearford technology. EIL and Clearford have identified an initial five priority projects for potential initial deployment.

“Clearford will take a turnkey contract to design the solution and supply specific elements including components of the digestion process, water treatment and methane conversion facilities,” said Bruce Linton, CEO of Clearford. EIL will act as the site and construction engineers of record for the pilot projects.

A third signatory to the agreement is Araina Enterprises. Araina is an India-based sales and marketing company that is working with Clearford on a success fee basis to identify and establish implementation projects in India.

While Clearford believes that significant and near term opportunities exist for the its solution, there can be no assurance that customer agreements will be reached or that such agreements will be profitable should they be implemented.


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