Clean Water and Wastewater Fund Supports Quebec City Region

By Todd Westcott 09:22AM August 03, 2018



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Canada and Quebec are investing in drinking water services for the Quebec City region.

Joël Lightbound, Member of Parliament for Louis-Hébert and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance, and Michel Matte, Member of Quebec’s National Assembly for Portneuf, announced an investment of more than $976,000 under the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund to replace water mains under sections of Rue de la Station and Avenue Narcisse in Saint-Marc-des-Carrières.

“We are committed to investing in local infrastructure that provides Canadians with access to reliable and modern water and wastewater treatment services,” said Lightbound. “The Saint-Marc-des-Carrières project is one of many projects we are supporting in the Quebec City region to help protect the environment and keep our communities healthy.”

The Government of Canada is contributing more than $588,000 to this project, and the Government of Quebec is providing more than $388,000. The municipality will provide the remaining funding, bringing the total government‑municipal investment to nearly $1.2 million.

“The City of Saint-Marc-des-Carrières welcomes the announcement of this contribution, which will help revitalize infrastructure along de la Station Street and Narcisse Avenue and maintain the quality of the public services we provide to our citizens,” said Guy Denis, Mayor of Saint-Marc-des-Carrières. “We’d like to sincerely thank the governments of Canada and Quebec.”

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