The City of Trail, B.C. has completed its water supply main line from West Trail to Tadanac. The 400mm water line has been installed from Rossland Avenue (at the Rossland Avenue Booster Pump Station) along Highway 22 to Stoney Creek Road to the existing Teck Reservoir.

Based on the current schedule, as of December 16, the subdivision of Tadanac will receive all potable water directly from the City of Trail and no longer from Teck, with no change in water quality.

As part of the water supply system for Tadanac, the City of Trail has obtained ownership and responsibility for the Teck Reservoir (550,000 litres) and the water supply lines from the Reservoir to the Tadanac Distribution System.

The completion allows the City of Trail to control and to take ownership of providing an undisruptive supply of potable water to Tadanac. Previously, Tadanac received its water from Teck-a service expected to end in 2009. In the future, distribution system enhancements will help the stability of the entire City of Trail water supply.


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