Bill Karsten, president of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), issued this statement announcing Carole Saab as the organization’s next chief executive officer following the upcoming retirement of Brock Carlton:

“On behalf of the FCM Board of Directors, I am excited to announce that Carole Saab will serve as FCM’s next CEO.

“Canadian municipalities have a strong champion in Carole Saab. She brings to the role of CEO a clear and ambitious vision for Canada’s municipal order of government as a force on the national and international stage. Repeatedly recognized as one of Canada’s Top 100 Lobbyists, Carole has relentlessly forged new paths for local government as advocates and as builders through innovative programming.

“Carole’s ability to generate success for municipalities and FCM is evident from her record, which includes her pivotal roles in negotiating and securing historic investments in national infrastructure, municipal programming, capacity building, and more.

Carole Saab headshot
Image Credit: FCM

“This announcement marks the next step in Carole’s decade-long career with FCM. She takes on the role of CEO from her current position as the founding executive director of FCM’s Policy and Public Affairs division. In that role, she led FCM’s strategy related to member engagement, policy development, government relations, and communications. Her work has been crucial in reaching new levels of influence for our members.

“This was an exhaustive search process and we emerged with the top talent for the role of CEO. With the upcoming retirement of Brock Carlton this summer, who has so wonderfully led FCM to incredible results for the past 13 years, the selection of the next CEO is a critical moment. FCM is the national voice for every community across this country, whether large or small, rural or urban, northern, or remote. Carole is poised to lead FCM into an exciting new chapter.

“With immense pride, we also note that Carole will become the first female CEO in FCM’s 119-year history. That she should so clearly be the best person to take on this new challenge is a testament to the leadership she has already demonstrated through her career at FCM. I and the entire Board of Directors look forward to working with Carole and the FCM team as we guide Canada’s municipal order of government to new heights.”


  1. I am a Councillor in Uxbridge Township north east of Toronto. I have encouraged my constituents to have their water tested because bio- solids are being injected into the soil at a nearby sod farm north of Zephyr Ontario.
    Approximately 7 years ago they began injecting bio- solids into the soil at the sod farm.
    Within a week several adjacent residential wells became contaminated.
    One of the farms nearby had their water tested in February 2020 and the results came back e-coli 0 and coliform 0
    They started injecting bio-solids into the soil at the sod farm in May 2020, and the water test done in June 2020 came back as contaminated with e-coli and coliform and not to drink the water. This is in the Oak Ridges Moraine where the water is pristine normally.
    What can I do? Who should I contact? Do you have names and addresses I should be writing to?
    Hope you can help.

    Gary Ruona

    What can I do? Who do I contact?


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