Vancouver-based Carl Data Solutions Inc. has announced that its subsidiary, FlowWorks Inc., has seen a surge in growth in both software pilots and individual sites being monitored for data. A site is any device or sensor feeding data into Carl Data’s IoT technology agnostic platform.

Kevin Marsh, VP of Sales for FlowWorks credited new features and tools for much of the growth. “With an increased emphasis on tools that help cities more effectively manage wet weather, we have seen clients like Seattle and Toronto make much greater commitments to using FlowWorks,” he said.

FlowWorks is a web-based suite of monitoring, analysis, and reporting tools that can track data for water quality, rain gauges and climate stations, pipelines, and manhole and lift stations, with the ability to connect to any datasets from SCADA systems to public data.

From 2017–2018 there was a 300 per cent year-over-year growth of new sites being monitored by cities and municipalities. Each site connected provides reoccurring revenue, and helps expand opportunities to deploy more value-added data management and analytics services.

The Carl Data IoT platform provides the scalability needed for municipalities to continue connecting sensors and devices to assist in the effort to make cities smart.

“We have achieved a high degree of confidence amongst our municipal partners,” said Greg Johnston, Carl Data CEO and President. “This helps us towards our goal of becoming a ubiquitous tool for connecting all IoT devices through our technology agnostic platform.”


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