The City of Cambridge has won an AMO Gas Tax Award. Lynn Dollin, AMO president, presented the award to Donna Reid, a municipal councillor at the City of Cambridge.

The AMO Gas Tax Awards honour municipalities that have demonstrated excellence in the use of the federal Gas Tax Fund. Winning projects improve local quality of life by making a difference in our communities, while achieving the Fund’s objectives.

Reid said, “Asset management planning allows us to continually offer city services with minimal interpretations. By leveraging modern technologies such as CCTV, we can also monitor assets below the ground to plan for future generations.”

Cambridge invested $461,965 from the federal Gas Tax Fund into CCTV inspection of storm sewers. The inspection allows staff to identify problems that need attention now and provide more information about the sewer’s remaining service life. The City is using this information to plan for the future, including determining what infrastructure needs to be replaced and what type of preventive maintenance programs should be put in place.

Cambridge CCTV Sewer
Cambridge CCTV Sewer


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