FER-PAL Infrastructure


    Clean drinking water is our main priority. That’s why at FER-PAL we strive to ensure the highest quality and standard of drinking water to the communities we work in. Established in 1986, FER-PAL Construction Ltd. is a trenchless technology company that offers complete watermain rehabilitation and replacement solutions. FER-PAL specializes in projects utilizing trenchless technologies of all types and sizes for municipalities across Canada and the United States. By providing the best quality workmanship, coupled with detailed project co-operation and teamwork, we are able to ensure our clients’ complete satisfaction. At FER-PAL, we put our clients first. Our services are available on a turnkey basis, or on a service contract based upon specific needs. Think of us as a self sustaining factory line on wheels. Our crews of specialized workers succinctly move up the street in small sections assuring the lowest amount of impact to the neighbourhood and to the environment.