BLOOM is winding down its operations in April 2019, according to an announcement by the president and chief executive officer, Kevin Jones. Jones made the announcement on behalf of BLOOM’s Board of Directors and staff.

“It’s been a pleasure to meet with and work with so many interesting and talented people and organizations,” said Jones. “Thank you to our government funders at the federal and Ontario levels, as well as the broad mix of stakeholders that actively participated in and supported our programs and projects.”

“Also, a thank you to those organizations that provided key accounting, tax, financial, human resource, and legal corporate services to BLOOM (namely BDO, RBC and McMillan),” added Jones. “We are very proud of our many accomplishments – and are pleased that part of BLOOM’s legacy will live on.”

“We have transferred our award-winning ‘Water & Beer’ and ‘Water & Wine’ online platforms to the River Institute based in Cornwall, Ontario,” said Jones. “They will host these free resources on their websites. Watch for further announcements from them.”

About the River Institute

The River Institute is a non‐government organization established in 1994 as a community partnership among governments, educators, business, industry, and the Mohawks of Akwesasne. Its scientific work contributes locally, nationally, and internationally to the greater understanding of how large river ecosystems and their components function.

As a learning and discovery centre, the River Institute actively promotes the value of scientific inquiry. Its education programs introduce students to the benefits of science and provide role models for young people considering careers in science.

The River Institute’s community programs help it connect with its neighbours and build a deeper local appreciation for the vital scientific, social, economic, and spiritual importance of our river ecosystems.


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