BI Pure Water, Inc. has been approved for a National Research Council Canada’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) grant to pilot its low-cost remediation solution for refractory organic contaminants.

BI Pure Water’s in-house master chemist Ian Wylie has been personally working on the chemical problem for a decade and he believes he’s found a low-cost solution. “There are so many unaddressed industrial chemicals in our environment, I find this a very exciting and promising market,” said Ian Wylie, R&D Project Manager. “This process should be able to treat refractory wastewaters at an operating cost 5-20 times lower than existing oxidation processes and other environmentally unsound methods, such as incineration.”

BI Pure Water’s Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) in combination with biological treatment will greatly expand the range of wastewaters treatable by biology. AOP used in combination with MBR/MBBR or biogas generation is cheaper, more effective and much greener than competing processes.


Ian Wylie, MSc, beside a pilot membrane bioreactor unit to be used in conjunction with his advanced chemical methods for oxidizing difficult waste.

The process is particularly useful for refractory wastes with aromatic functionality and many other difficult to treat organic chemical contaminants, such as: phenol from refineries and chemical synthesis, polychlorinated biphenyls, creosotes, naphthenic acids from oil/gas extraction, drugs and synthetic hormones from the pharmaceutical industry, and a wide range of difficult to treat industrial wastewaters.

BI Pure has found its first pilot project with leachate from a Canadian landfill. They are seeking more partnerships with potential customers that have challenging waters that need a practical way to reduce harmful waste. To pilot and demonstrate the technology the project is seeking partners that spend more than $5.00 per m3 to treat their difficult waste.

BI Pure Water has been in business since 1995 and is based in Surrey, Greater Vancouver, BC.  BI Pure Water’s custom engineered treatment systems are self-sufficient, cost efficient, and reliable in wide ranging applications.


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