Belleville Water Superintendent Promoted to General Manager

By Water Canada 10:08AM October 10, 2017



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The City of Belleville has announced that Perry Decola, superintendent of water and wastewater Services for the City of Belleville, has been successful in an appointment to the newly created general manager of environmental services position as a result of a recent realignment of the City’s former Environmental & Operational Services Department.

Decola is a twenty-three (23) year employee of the city and brings a vast knowledge of the day-to-day operations and administration of the city’s water, wastewater and distribution services, along with years of educating other municipal environmental leaders through the Walkerton Clean Water Center.

Decola is a graduate of the Environmental Technology Program from Loyalist College and holds a Class IV Water Treatment Certificate.

Decola will begin his new position with the city today.

“We are pleased to announce that Perry has accepted this appointment and look forward to a successful transition to the newly structured Environmental Services division with Perry as its General Manager,” said Rick Kester, CAO, City of Belleville. “Perry brings with him years of dedicated service and a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of Environmental Services operations.”

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