A Canadian environmental consulting firm, Ecofish Research Ltd., which has consulted on fish habitat enhancement and watershed assessment on hydroelectric projects, has announced the acquisition of ECODynamic Solutions Inc. (EDS), a leading environmental construction monitoring firm located in Courtenay, B.C.

“With the addition of a talented team of accomplished professionals, we will bring our clients even better service across all phases of their projects,” said Adam Lewis, president of Ecofish Research Ltd.

A recognized expert construction environmental management and monitoring firm, EDS has for the past decade provided efficient and timely service to dozens of clients across the hydro, mining, urban, linear development, and government sectors in western Canada. With a staff of recognized experts in the field of construction monitoring, EDS has an excellent reputation among regulatory agencies and clients, including BC Hydro, Brookfield Renewable, AltaGas and Alterra Power Corp.

Ecofish has provided needed input on resource development projects to ensure that porjects aren’t done at the expense of aquatic habitat and species. In its John Hart Generating Station Replacement consultation, Ecofish investigated fisheries and environmental services for contribution to the total Environmental Assessment of the project.

The project overview described the challenges at the generating station: “95 per cent of the lower Campbell River flows through the John Hart Generating Station. If the facility shuts down for any reason valuable fish and fish habitat could be at risk.” Key services that Ecofish implemented for the station upgrade ranged from design and implementation of fish habitat studies to migration and holding habitat use and water quality monitoring.

Since 2005, Ecofish and EDS have teamed on major development projects, proving value by solving challenging environmental problems in all project phases. By binding the successful association within a single firm, Ecofish will continuously increase service value to a growing client list and to the execution of due diligence in resource development.

With a larger and more diverse team, Ecofish can provide effective, reliable environmental construction monitoring and assessment services across key industries, to private clients, First Nations and regulatory agencies.

For more on Ecofish Research Ltd. and ECODynamic Solutions Inc., visit their respective sites through the links provided.

photo credit: Ecofish Research Ltd.


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