George W. Peary

The Abbotsford Mission Water Sewer Commission (AMWSC) is drafting a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to update the Services Agreements which govern the regional water and wastewater partnership between Abbotsford and Mission, but agreed at its last meeting to table it until after the municipal election in November, announced Abbotsford’s Mayor George W. Peary, chair of the AMWSC, on September 19.

“Abbotsford and Mission have an ongoing spirit of cooperation in the areas of water supply, wastewater treatment, transit and recycling,” said Peary. “Our relationship is strong and our cooperation will continue.”

Regardless, the AMWSC will defer the update discussions which include the allocation of existing resources, cost agreements, and housekeeping issues until after the election of new Councils in November and a new Commission in December.

“We look forward to continuing our MOU discussion in December with our new commission,” said Mission Mayor, James Atebe. “It is important that we continue to foster the spirit of cooperation between the two communities while both communities explore and secure long-term water supply sources.”

Earlier this year, Abbotsford made headlines when it decided to continue without Mission to pursue a public-private partnership to help fund a $300 million plan to use Stave Lake as a secondary source to meet future water needs in the communities.


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