Fort Erie, ON – Mayor Redekop and Fort Erie Council announced that Fred Costabile of 5001997 Ontario Inc. has donated 22 acres of riparian lands east of Waverly Beach Park to the Town of Fort Erie for conservation and public use. The Transfer of title to the lands was registered on August 14, 2023. Access to the Lake Erie shoreline is a significant issue in Fort Erie. This acquisition of waterfront lands will add to the inventory of Lake Erie properties owned by the Town.

In May 2022, an environmentally friendly settlement regarding the Harbourtown Development was reached between the developer and Fort Erie Community Voices. The settlement included an increase in environmentally protected lands while creating three vernal ponds for amphibian breeding. The additional 22 acres of riparian lands will help expand and preserve the environmentally protected areas connected with Waverly Beach Park. This donation will protect part of our significant natural sites for wildlife to prosper and residents to enjoy.

“Mr. Costabile’s donation will safeguard lands and the shoreline east of Waverly Beach Park. Council is very grateful for this generous and remarkable gift of environmentally significant lands along the Lake Erie shore, which will increase the environmentally protected lands in the Waverly Beach area and bring the twenty-two acres into public ownership. Our entire community benefits with this significant shoreline acquisition, one more step in Fort Erie’s efforts to protect and preserve our natural heritage.” said Mayor Wayne Redekop.


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