Horse Lake and Canim Lake, B.C. residents can expect a $1-million federal-provincial investment to upgrade water systems.

The Horse Lake project will replace the existing water system with one that complies with the Drinking Water Protection Act. The Cariboo Regional District will build a new well and a new pump house, install a chlorination system, decommission the two existing wells, and build a new reservoir. Parts of the water main will also be replaced in order to improve the water flow for firefighting.

The Canim Lake water system was constructed in 1974 as a private utility. The system improvements are necessary for the Cariboo Regional District to assume ownership of the water system. Planned improvements include installing a back-up submersible pump and motor, pump house, chlorination system, and reservoir roof replacement.

It is estimated the investment in these communities will result in 16 direct and indirect jobs.


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