Saturday, November 26, 2022

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Water Canada announces new award categories for 2023

Toronto, ON – After 13 years of recognizing the people, projects and technologies that have made significant contributions to Canada’s water industry, Water Canada...

Building Connections Downstream

Have you ever had a great idea, and thought: “Huh, somebody should really get on that!” Well, that’s pretty much how Water Canada's Downstream...

Water Canada Announces Editor’s Departure

The team at Water Canada and Actual Media would like to announce that after three wonderful years, Katherine Balpataky will be leaving her role...

Brock University Leads Major Water Research Network

Water researchers at Brock University have received federal funds to set-up a research network to look at the economic, political and social aspects of...

Finding Balance

When it comes to the Great Lakes, it’s all about balance. A recent United States Geological Survey five-year report on Great Lakes Basin water...

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