Monday, May 29, 2023

Tag: wastewater treatment plant

Proposed Wastewater Deal a First for City of Regina

The City of Regina recently approved a recommendation for a 45-year deal to supply Western Potash Corpwith the City’s treated wastewater. The arrangement to...

Charlottetown to Address Harbour Concerns

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island has announced a three-phase plan to separate the remaining portion of its Spring Park Combined Storm and Sanitary Sewer System....

A Bitter Pill

If the brook trout swimming in Dr. Sébastien Sauvé’s laboratory tanks at the City of Montreal wastewater treatment plant smiled while his team probed...

$5M for Fredericton Upgrades

The federal and New Brunswick governments are joining the City of Fredericton in investing $5 million to upgrade the city's main wastewater treatment plant....

Dawson Signs with Corix

The City of Dawson and Yukon government announced yesterday that a contract has been signed with Vancouver-based Corix Water Systems for the design and...

Medication Present in St. Lawrence River

Chemotherapy products and certain hypertension and cholesterol medications are present in the St. Lawrence River. A study conducted by Université de Montréal researchers reveals that...

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