Saturday, May 21, 2022

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Municipal Leaders Urge Residents to Think About What They Flush

Canadian municipal leaders and wastewater professionals are urging everyone to NOT flush anything but the 3P's—pee, poop, and paper (toilet paper). There is never a...

Courtenay, B.C. Launches Alternative Approval Process for Sanitary Sewer Project

An Alternative Approval Process (AAP) has been launched in Courtenay, B.C. to measure public support for funding the Greenwood Trunk Sanitary Sewer. The project is...

Vancouver Launches its Adopt a Catch Basin Program

Vancouver has over 45,000 catch basins removing excess water from streets during rainfall events. Acknowledging that the city can only do so much to remove leaves, debris,...

RVA Awarded Toronto Watermain Replacement Contract

The City of Toronto has retained R.V. Anderson Associates Limited (RVA) to provide program management, design, inspection, and contract administration services during construction for...

PRECO Means $700M for Quebec’s Watermains

After a winter of devastating watermain breaks and pipeline bursts, Quebec municipalities must have jumped with joy to learn that the province is investing...

US Water Infrastructure Spending Falls: Report

America's water and wastewater sector looks set to decline further in 2009, as capital expenditure on crucial infrastructure projects is cut back by 12.9...

Toronto Boosts Water Rates

The City of Toronto might boost water rates by nine per cent on January 1, the fourth straight year of nine per cent-plus fee...

Sewers in the News

Bigger Sewers Not Better The Lethbridge Herald reports that no major upgrades are being recommended for city sewers after they were overwhelmed by a Canada...

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