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Level 3 Low Water Since August in Quinte Watershed

In the area of Belleville, ON, the Quinte watershed has experienced low water conditions since June. In August, a Level 3 Low Water Condition...

South Nation Conservation Announces Level 3 (Severe) Drought for Two Sub-watersheds

South Nation Conservation (SNC)’s Water Response Team is moving to a level III (severe) drought conditions for two sub-watersheds within the SNC jurisdiction. The...

Skeena Watershed Group Concerned Over Drought Conditions

As the Skeena-Nass area of British Columbia continues to experience Level 3 hydrological drought conditions, leaders from the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition express concern...

Skeena-Nass, B.C. Moves to Level 3 Drought Scenario

As a result of prolonged dry conditions along the coast, the Skeena-Nass area of British Columbia is experiencing Level 3 hydrological drought conditions. The...

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