Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Tag: Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment

Using Tundra Wetlands to Treat Municipal Wastewater in Canada’s Far North

The treatment of municipal wastewaters in small northern communities across Canada can be challenging because of harsh climatic conditions, difficult logistical and operational circumstances,...

Metro Basin Blues

Around the globe, there is concern about the effects of China’s rapid economic development on the air, land, water, and energy resources, as well...

A Nice Cold Drink

Conventional technologies for drinking water treatment are no longer considered adequate for ensuring the delivery of potable water to communities. This is particularly true...

Cold Snap

Just south of the Arctic Circle in the small Nunavut hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet—or in Inuktitut, Igluligaarjuk—a sewage truck dumps its potent—smelling load into...

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