The 11th annual Canadian Water Summit celebrated the winners of the 2020 Water’s Next Awards on June 11, 2020.

Hosted by Water Canada’s Managing Editor Andrew Macklin, the presentation of the 2020 Water’s Next Awards recognized individuals, projects, and technologies that have made significant contributions to the water industry in Canada.

“This year’s Water’s Next award finalists and winners reflect the very best of the Canadian water sector,” said Macklin. “The people, projects, and technologies recognized show the incredible work being done to improve the quality of our drinking water, the health of our water systems, and the resilience of our communities. We are very fortunate to have such a vibrant, dedicated workforce in the water industry here in Canada.”

The winners of the 2020 Water’s Next Awards are:

Category—People: Academic Leader

  • Julia Baird—Brock University

Category—People: Business Leader

  • John Gillis—Innovation Cluster, Peterborough and the Kawarthas

Category—People: Government Leader

  • Barry Orr—City of London

Category—People: Non-Government Leader

  • Chitra Gowda—Conservation Ontario

Category—People: Water Operator

  • Krista Derrickson—Westbank First Nation

Category—People: Young Professional

  • Anum Khan—Ryerson University

Category—Projects and Technology: Conveyance

  • City of Waterloo

Category—Projects and Technology: Drinking Water

  • Logistec

Category—Projects and Technology: Early Adoption

  • Bishop Water—The Nation Municipality

Category—Projects and Technology: Stormwater

  • City of Vancouver—Rain City Strategy

Category—Projects and Technology: Wastewater

  • Sentry and BQE Water (tie)

Category—Projects and Technology: Water Resources

  • Aclarus Ozone

Project of the Year

  • City of Vancouver—Rain City Strategy

Water Steward of the Year

  • Melina Scholefield—City of Vancouver

The 2021 Water’s Next awards will be celebrated as part of the 2021 Canadian Water Summit, which is being hosted in collaboration with the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association’s (CWWA) Window on Ottawa. More information about the 2021 Canadian Water Summit and Window on Ottawa is available here.


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