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World’s Largest Companies Using More Water Despite Rising Risks

Companies are reporting greater exposure to water risks yet withdrawing more water, according to new research by CDP. The report, Treading Water, analyzes water data from...

Report Warns of Far-Reaching Climate Change Impacts on Great Lakes Region

How climate change will affect public health, infrastructure, fish, wildlife, and the economy around the Great Lakes is the focus of a new report. The...

New Research Shows More Nitrogen Enters Streams than Expected

New research by a scientific collaboration, led by the USDA Forest Service, shows that more nitrogen from rain and snow is making it to...

UBC Study Compares LID Implementation Across Canada

In a recent study, researchers at UBC Okanagan’s Life Cycle Management Laboratory compared how different jurisdictions are handling LID implementation. The researchers found that...

Report: Watershed Health in Nova Scotia

A report released last week that features provincial watershed data inventory, is the first of its kind in Nova Scotia. The province invested $29,000...

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