Wednesday, November 25, 2020

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Suncor Subcontractor Sentenced

Subcontractor Rodney McCabe has been ordered under house arrest for 11 months for his role in sewage being released into the Athabasca River. In 2005...

Niagara Tries Chlorine-Free Sewage Treatment

Onita Basu, an Ottawa professor, wants to eliminate chlorine from municipal sewage treatment using an organic replacement called peracetic acid, reports St. Catharines, Ont.'s...

Whitehorse Gives Takhini North $1M Tab for Upgrades: CBC

Residents in the Takhini North neighbourhood of Whitehorse will have to fork over at least $1 million to help cover a $9-million upgrade to...

Ottawa Monitoring Treated Runoff: CBC

The City of Ottawa is monitoring how animals and plants in the Ottawa River are affected by chemicals that remain in sewage after it...

$1.5M for Major Wastewater Works Upgrades in Quebec Municipality

The Municipality of Saint-Blaise-sur-Richelieu, Que. will receive $1,137,500 in combined government assistance under the Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund (MRIF) for major waterworks upgrades.The funding...

Winnipeg’s Water Supply Threatened by Sewage: CBC

Problems with a First Nation sewage-treatment plant could affect the water quality of Shoal Lake, which provides drinking water for the City of Winnipeg,...

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