Thursday, July 9, 2020

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Cross-Canada Tour Reveals National Concern About Water

This week, the Adaptation to Climate Change Team (ACT) released Cross-Canada Checkup: A Canadian Perspective on our Water Future, highlighting a 16-city cross-Canada tour conducted...

Ontario Too Slow: ECO’s Annual Report

Ontario's Environmental Commissioner is worried that Ontario has lost momentum when it comes to the province's pressing environmental issues. In his 2010/2011 Annual Report, titled...

Ecojustice Gives Feds an ‘F’ Grade for Water Protection

The federal government is still failing to ensure all Canadians have access to safe drinking water, according to a new report from Ecojustice. Waterproof 3,...

Reform Utility Financing: Brubaker

Too many drinking water and wastewater systems across Canada threaten public health and the environment, according to a report released today by...

WWF Urges Government to Protect Athabasca

Today, WWF-Canada released Securing Environmental Flows in the Athabasca River, a report that urges government agencies to demonstrate their commitment to protecting Alberta’s lower...

Ontario Meets Standards: Report

Ontario's chief drinking water inspector, John Stager, has released his fifth annual report, providing an overview of the state of the province's drinking water...

Great Lakes, Wasted

More than 580 billion litres of drinking water, the equivalent of 236,000 Olympic swimming pools, are being wasted every year by homeowners in the...

NRTEE Reports on Water Use in Natural Resource Sectors

Adding to yesterday's Canadian Water Summit excitement, the morning saw National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE) release a thick new...

Groups Speak Up on Bulk Water Issues

The bulk water export debate is back in the media. Most recently, a new report from the Fraser Institute says that Canada should look at...

Report Looks at Water-Energy Link

The POLIS Water Sustainability Project has released a new research report that looks at the link between water and energy use.  The report, entitled...

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