Thursday, July 7, 2022

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Vancouver Entrepreneur to Receive Mitacs Award for Slurry Treatment

A Vancouver entrepreneur has commercialized a new approach for treating dairy farm manure and sewage sludge and will be recognized with an award from...

Research Extends Historic Data on Lake Erie Agal Blooms

Using data from NASA's Landsat 5 instrument, scientists Jeff Ho and Anna Michalak, along with colleagues, have made new advances in understanding the drivers...

Northeast-Midwest Institute on Bi-National Great Lakes Efforts

The Northeast-Midwest Institute (NEMWI), a U.S. not-for-profit focused on economic development in and around the Great Lakes, has commented on the International Joint Commission...

New Wastewater Guidelines Respond to Local Conditions

New wastewater system design guidelines developed at UBC can help municipal governments better protect aquatic life and save millions of dollars a year. In a...

Phosphate Market Worth $75 billion USD by 2021

A report from MarketsandMarkets, a global research firm, has released a report that states the Phosphate market will be worth $75.71 billion USD by...

Manitoba Unveils Massive Comprehensive Strategy for Surface Water Management

In an effort to protect the province’s water resources, Manitoba announced its first comprehensive Surface Water Management Strategy along with multi-year surface water management...

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