Monday, July 6, 2020

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FOE Launches Awareness Project in Manitoba

Friends of the Earth Canada is launching its new water awareness project, Be True To Blue, in Manitou, Manitoba in cooperation with the Pembina...

NAWS Project Ruled in Manitoba’s Favour

The U.S. District Court has again ruled in favour of Manitoba in its case against the Northwest Area Water Supply (NAWS) project, Water Stewardship...

FlowSense Comes to Canada

FlowSense, a U.S.-based manufacturing and production company, has opened an office in Canada. Currently, FlowSense serves both the industrial and military sectors by partnering with...

MB: New Rules Affect Failing Private Wastewater Systems

Provincial efforts to improve Manitoba’s environment with a focus on Lake Winnipeg have taken another step with the proclamation of a strengthened Environment Act,...

McCain Revitalizes Wastewater Treatment Facility

A McCain Foods (Canada) plant in Carberry, Manitoba has revitalized a former wastewater lagoon with a wastewater treatment centre and the naturalization of habitat...

Manitoba Declares War on Phosphorus

Manitoba is implementing new rules for livestock waste management in response to recommendations made by the Clean Environment Commission (CEC) and the auditor general,...

New Sewage Rules in Manitoba Met with Criticism

Manitoba has announced new rules for sewage disposal, including a ban on new sewage ejectors and a ban on septic fields in sensitive areas. “Manitobans...

$1M for Healthy Waterways: M.B.

Manitoba is strengthening its strategy for healthy waterways with an investment of $1 million to protect and restore wetlands including its largest marshes, Water...

Funds Announced for Lake Winnipeg Clean Up

More than $109,000 in federal funding will support the Morden Community Lead Environmental Action on Nutrient Elimination and Removal (CLEANER) project, an initiative that...

$21.2M for Manitoba Water-Control Improvements

Manitoba’s water-control infrastructure network will be enhanced with $21.2 million worth of improvements across Manitoba during the next two years, Infrastructure and Transportation Minister...

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