Sunday, August 14, 2022

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PEI Scientist Develops Eco-Friendly Fish Fungus Killer

The government of Prince Edward Island has announced the local creation of an environmentally friendly fish fungus killer that can help protect farmed fish...

New Technologies Go After Brownfield Contaminants at the Source

No one wants residual diesel or chlorinated solvents in their drinking water. Yet, scant decades ago, fuel tanks were left to rot underground, and...

Ontario Announces Subsidies for Biosolids Management Technologies

With funding from the Ontario Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science, the Southern Ontario Water Consortium (SOWC) is offering subsidies to a limited number...

Isle Utilities’ New Business Model for Risk Reduction and Innovation

For many reasons, town councils, plant operators, and regulators are nervous about making changes in the way they run their water treatment operation. Change...

Award Given to Ontario First Nation for Hydropower

The Pic Mobert First Nation is the recipient of a 2016 Ontario Waterpower Association Innovation Award for solving an energy infrastructure dilemma while safeguarding drinking...

Asset Management and Innovation Key to Canada’s Infrastructure Future

The two key elements for us to successfully address our infrastructure challenges are asset management and innovation. We need municipal financial planning and we...

Advancing Water Technologies Program in Ontario: Call for Proposals

The Southern Ontario Water Consortium (SOWC) is inviting applications by southern Ontario companies for a limited number of technology development projects of up to...

Researchers Build Machine that Turns Urine into Drinking Water

A team of researchers from Ghent University in Belgium have created a machine that can turn urine into drinking water and fertilizer using solar...

Will A Robot Replace Your Water Job in the Future?

There is a popular theory among North Americans that, in the future, robots might replace people in the workplace. Given self-driving cars are a...

The Case for Federal Investments in Water Innovation and Technology

The federal government delivered its 2016 budget on World Water Day. Tabled on March 22, 2016, it included welcome water-related commitments, including funding to...

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