Thursday, July 9, 2020

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CEMA Forms Groundwater Working Group

The Cumulative Environmental Management Association (CEMA) has launched a new Groundwater Working Group (GWWG) to focus on improving scientific knowledge of regional groundwater systems...


The nuclear disasters caused by a massive earthquake and devastating tsunami in Japan have heated up concerns over water safety and radiation. Authorities reported...

Wells Worth Monitoring

As part of our Canada Water Week series, we spoke with Jennifer West about the Ecology Action Centre's plans to celebrate and get communities...

Threats to Groundwater Supplies Require Coordinated Response: Paper

Better oversight of Canada’s groundwater resources is required in the face of numerous challenges, according to a study released today by the C.D. Howe...

Alberta to Survey Groundwater Supply

Low-flying helicopters will be mapping 18,000 square kilometres of underground water resources in southern Alberta, starting February 5. Residents and motorists may notice helicopters...

Charlottetown Hires Water Conservation Program Coordinator

The City of Charlottetown, PEI has hired an experienced individual to help Charlottetown better protect its groundwater. "We are extremely lucky to live in Charlottetown...

Ontario’s Environmental Failures

The government is failing to follow through on all of its environmental promises, says Ontario Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller. "This government rightly prides itself...

Guelph Opens New Groundwater Research Facility

The University of Guelph has opened the first phase of a new centre to help ensure safe and sustainable groundwater supplies that is intended...

Guelph Introduces Rainwater Rebate

The City of Guelph, Ontario continues to blaze a trail in water conservation and efficiency. Just a few weeks ago, the City defined vulnerable...

Guelph Identifies Protected Areas, Unveils Efficiency Rebates

The City of Guelph, Ontario made two big announcements yesterday. Firstly, the City has identified vulnerable local water supply source areas in need of protection,...

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