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U.S. Army Corps Releases Asian Carp Study

Following a five month delay and political interference, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has released the study that evaluated control options and technologies...

Michigan Posts $1M Challenge for Solutions to Asian Carp

Governor Rick Snyder and the Michigan Legislature have launched a $1 million global search for innovative solutions to the impending invasion of the Asian...

Manitoba Launches Aquatic Invasive Species Awareness Campaign

The Manitoba government has launched a public awareness campaign called Spot the Stripes and Stop the Spread to encourage water-users to help in the...

Asian Carp Found in Lake Erie

The Ministry of Natural Resources confirms that an Asian Carp was caught in Lake Erie, west of Point Pelee. The fish caught by a commercial net...

Threats and Consequences

How can we act to prevent invasive species and protect biodiversity in the Great Lakes? As part of our World Water Day series,...

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