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Canadians: Globally Tuned-In to Climate Challenges; Solutions-Focused

Canadians pay close attention to international affairs; they are concerned about climate change and famine; they see their nation as a positive force in...

Increased Seasonal Risk of Flood in Parts of B.C. Due to Snow Pack

In its April Snow Survey and Water Supply Bulletin, British Columbia’s River Forecast Centre (RFC) has declared that the amount of snow pack indicates...

Atlantic Canada’s Model for a First Nations-led Water Authority

As First Nations are more actively deploying their own governance locally, regionally, and nationally, a growing body of Canadian leaders are advocating for the...

Has Road Salt Run its Course?

Marshes, streams and lakes lie alongside many of the roads and highways that zigzag across North America. Plants and animals inhabit these water bodies...

Citizen Science Water Research in Canada’s North

Two Wilfrid Laurier University-led citizen science research projects are set to receive funding from Global Water Futures. The projects will help monitor changes that...

Waterlution Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Youth Work

On November 24th, Waterlution’s Youth Advisory Board (YAB) launched a crowdfunding campaign for its Great Water Challenge (GWC) program, which features, Canada’s Great Water...

Grand River Secures $40K From Federal Government for Lake Erie

The Grand River Conservation Authority has received $40,000 from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change to contribute to the goals of the Lake Erie...
tailings pond

Tailings Pond Pollution Controls Are Effective, Feds Argue

The federal government has submitted a statement regarding Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) oversight of tailings ponds in Alberta to the Commission for...

Evaluating the Costs of Cutting Phosphorus in Ontario

Nutrient loadings (particularly phosphorus) from human, agricultural, and industrial waste, combined with climate change, changes in land use patterns, and invasive species are creating...

Ontario Environmental Commissioner Reports on Nutrient Pollution

Algal blooms are a frequent and wide-spread problem that is hurting the Ontario economy, threatening human and ecological health, and Ontario's Environmental Commissioner is demanding...

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