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Ontario Environmental Commissioner Reports on Nutrient Pollution

Algal blooms are a frequent and wide-spread problem that is hurting the Ontario economy, threatening human and ecological health, and Ontario's Environmental Commissioner is demanding...

Mapping Boreal Wetlands and Traditional Knowledge

This July, Paul Betsina spent five days in a helicopter over boreal wetlands, flying so low he thought he could “reach out and grab...

Man. Launches Consultations to Improve Water Management

The Manitoba government has launched public consultations on three new environmental initiatives, which will improve water management and modernize watershed planning. “Our government believes there...

New Research Suggests Smaller Wetlands Capture More Nutrients

A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Waterloo, has found that smaller, distributed wetland areas are more effective at nutrient capture. Biogeochemical...

Loblaw Water Funds Supports Water and Habitat-Restoration Projects

Swaying public opinion on the value of beavers in rural Alberta may sound like a tall task, but Cows and Fish—as the Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society is...

WWF-Canada Freshwater Reports: National Coordination Imperative

Today, WWF-Canada has released the culmination of four years of research, a national assessment of Canada’s freshwater: Watershed Reports. The findings underscore the need...

The Wisdom of Green Infrastructure for Manitoba’s Future

As the Manitoba Government contemplates the shape and form of its carbon pricing and green plan, heeding the words of perhaps our greatest public...

Canadian Water: Get Ready for a Free-Trade Deal With China

The global trade environment is undergoing an unexpected radical period of change. One of the first acts of the Trump White House was to...

$3M Grant for Ducks Unlimited Canada to Protect Prairie Wetlands

Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) announced a $3-million grant from James C. Kennedy, an environmental philanthropist, to protect more than 8,000 hectares of wetlands and...

Study Shows Canada has 10 Hectares More Freshwater than Every Other Country on Earth

Researchers from McGill University have published the most complete database of lakes to date, providing a tool to scientists that assists understanding of the impact...

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