Webinar: From Digital Twins to Decision Intelligence

29sep12:00 pm1:00 pmWebinar: From Digital Twins to Decision Intelligence

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Water utilities are on a path to transformation. How can the digital twin fast-track progress?

Around the world, water utilities are embracing data analytics and digital technologies to deliver transformative outcomes for their communities. Digital solutions, many powered by digital twins, are helping water operators and managers solve their most pressing challenges:

  • Minimizing water and revenue losses
  • Reducing capital spend to lower costs to communities
  • Decreasing the impact of climate events
  • Bringing down the costs of safely reclaiming wastewater
  • Optimizing the total life cycle of water assets

But every innovation brings a learning curve – and digital twins are no different. In many cases, a lack of frameworks to connect digital twins to holistic decision intelligence solutions makes it challenging for utilities to unlock their full value. Drawing on the experience of the pacesetters, this webinar explores how digital twin technology can be maximized to deliver the most powerful operational and environmental outcomes – and steps utilities can take to start achieving better results, today.

This webinar aims to help utilities answer three key questions:

  • What role can digital twin technology play in optimizing operations?
  • How can utilities apply this technology to maximum effect?
  • What can we learn from those utilities leading the way?


September 29, 2022 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm(GMT-04:00)



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