Wahl Water


    Treating water seriously, our business reflects our passion for water and the role that it plays in your life. Founded in 1995, Wahl Water is a company with a mission to provide consumers with quality water treatment which benefits and enriches their lives. Providing residential, cottage, and commercial water treatment with local service and a national distribution of water treatment products across all of Canada. Wahl Water continues to strive to be a recognized leader for water treatment and purification through a commitment to dependable service, water education, quality products, and water solutions. Products and services include: Canada-wide shipping of water products; ultraviolet disinfection systems for both residential & commercial; ultra violet lamps; quartz sleeves & replacement components; water filtration, housings & filter cartridges; stenner feeders, parts and accessories; water softeners & replacement parts;
    reverse osmosis systems; membranes; parts & filters; flow controls & liquid level sensors.


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