Protectolite Composites


    In the Wastewater industry, Protectolite™ Composites Inc. is known for the reliability, quality and performance of its products.

    Wastewater and Water Treatment Plants are ideal markets for anti-corrosion grade sheet & custom molded products. Protectolite™ can fulfill all Wastewater and Water Treatment Plant needs for design, as well as supply custom made FRP parts like clarifier launder covers to suit each customer’s unique plant requirements.

    Protectolite™ is an approved and preferred supplier of fiberglass components to a number of the top Consulting Engineering firms in North America. Protectolite™ has supplied FRP products such as Scum Baffles, Stamford Baffles, launder covers, and clarifier covers to waste water treatment plants across Canada and the USA for the past 20 years.