Water – wastewater treatment equipment for industrial & municipal applications: biological treatment with SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactors), MBBR (Moving Bed BioReactors) and MBR (Membrane BioReactors), MABR (Membrane Aerated Bioreactors). Containerized treatment plants featuring TILT and HILT units. Screens, grinders, clarifiers, blowers, aerators, sludge presses, centrifuges. Filters, underdrains, package plants, UV disinfection, drinking water plants, strainers, dissolved air floatation (DAF’s), odour control biofilters, oil/water separators, on-site ozone and oxygen generators. PERMASTORE Glass-Fused-to-Steel or Epoxy coated steel tanks and Aluminum Covers. Anaerobic digesters, water, wastewater and sludge storage. Full fleet of rental and pilot units available. Offices in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.