BioMaxx Wastewater Solutions


    BioMaxx Environmental is a proud Canadian company revolutionizing the wastewater industry since 2006; providing safe, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for the elimination of odour, corrosion, and safety challenges associated with sulfides/H2S in wastewater collection systems and treatment plants. We offer full-spectrum analysis of your system; including realtime flow monitoring, outfall sampling & reporting, sanitary smoke testing, sewer camera studies and potable water line leak detection surveys. Our simplistic and highly effective Automatic Wet Well washing equipment uses wastewater to keep wet wells, lift stations, sump pits, and grease traps FOG (fats, oils and grease), free. Additionally, we offer complete WWTP Expandable Package Systems and Customized Diffused Air Flotation (DAF) Systems, screening technologies and dewatering equipment for solids handling. Out engineered technologies are aimed at reducing TSS, BOD, TKN and FOG, assisting you to exceed all levels of environmental regulations. We are Canada’s leader in environmental management. Put us to work for you today!