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BioMaxx Wastewater Solutions Inc.


Wastewater Treatment & Collection

BioMaxx Wastewater Solutions is a proud Canadian company revolutionizing the wastewater industry; providing safe, efficient, and cost-effective practical solutions for the elimination of odour, corrosion, and safety issues associated with sulfides/H2S in wastewater collection systems and wastewater treatment plants. Our full-spectrum monitoring, analysis, and assessment programs pinpoint causes of odour/corrosion, determine severity of grease issues, and design/implement a proven remediation/elimination solution that effectively and efficiently improves the operation of your collection system. Additionally, we offer complete WWTP Package Systems and Customized Diffused Air Flotation (DAF) Systems for solids handling; reducing TSS, BOD, FOG (fats, oils & amp; greases) to exceed all levels of environmental regulations. We are Canada’s leading in wastewater management. Put us to work for you.