Baleen International Inc.


    Baleen International is an Alberta based company who manufactures and sells an internationally patented self-cleaning filtration technology, specifically designed for micro-screening suspended matter from water.

    The Filter technology offers enhanced clarification capability for “Best Practice” and “Cleaner Production” advantage. Wastewater is, generally speaking, more than 99% water. The water often being polluted as the result of being used as a conveying medium for removal of unwanted wastes, or sewerage. While the total separation of the small percentage of waste matter from the water is extremely difficult and expensive, the introduction of the Baleen nevertheless means that all the significant and visible particulate matter can be removed from these waste water flows, allowing full resource recovery and the reuse of water.

    By using the technology, clients can see benefits in both Solvent management (resource recovery) and Water management (reusable water resource). Solvent management leads to zero disposal – solvent as an asset instead of waste, creation of asset integrity and performance, and full cycle management including recovery while, water management allows water to be an asset and not a liability, closed loop continuous process, Baleen dual function capability – filtration separate client fouling material, and water treatment and maintenance. The technology allows for full cycle management and treatment for the client, a simple and cost-effective process.

    The self-cleaning filter technology uses a double act of high pressure, low volume sprays, one which dislodges material caught by the filter media, whilst the other spray sweeps the material away for collection. It is a self-cleaning technology that drastically reduce energy, maintenance and chemical consumption for direct cost-savings and betterment of the environment.

    Traditional systems of treating industrial and municipal wastewaters, typically, involve segregation of contaminants by less effective methods, which can create adverse effects like increased odours, significant maintenance issues, such as sludge handling all of which have costs associated with them. The technology will achieve environmental sustainability goals and lower capital cost – Decreased water consumption, reduced energy usage greater than 95%, reduced safety risks, increase throughput and increase resource recovery. The technology offers these important industry advantages when compared with many conventional screening and filtration systems.

    Our self-cleaning filter technology, joined with a robust WWTP process provide an opportunity to explore Cogen opportunities as energy rich waste is made available for re-use. There is enough energy-rich ‘waste’ to yield a greenhouse benefit of some 3.34 billion tonnes of CO2 avoided annually, immediately reducing known CO2 loading on oceanic ecosystems by one-third. The resulting cleaner water, containing free fertilizer in the form of nitrates and phosphates, could supply one-third of the global water required for agriculture.

    This technology is a revolutionary wastewater treatment process that can serve as a breakthrough in the fight against global climate change.
    The technology is in full-time operation in numerous applications across the planet with each installation providing significant cost-saving and environmental benefits to its users.