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Aclarus Ozone Water Systems


Chemicals & Chemical Handling, Monitoring Equipment & Services, Services, Stormwater & Conveyance, Wastewater Treatment & Collection, Water Treatment & Distribution

Aclarus designs and builds advanced ozone water and waste water treatment for multiple applications.  Aclarus installed the first ozone wastewater treatment plant in Canada in 2016. Their Canadian build system advancements have made ozone practical, affordable and proven for even the worst water issues. Hundreds of systems are in place for government parks, First Nation Communities, municipal treatment, homes, cottages, businesses, condo, rainwater/reuse, food/
agriculture, bottled water, CIP, Greenhouse, industrial waste, mining, remote camps and more all with proven environmental, operational, and economical benefits.  Aclarus systems offer 3-in-1 treatment without chemicals:  disinfection (bacteria, virus, cysts, Log-2 Crypto), oxidation (iron/metals, chemicals, sulphur), and aesthetic (tannin/color, taste, smell) in a compact, practical and automated design. McGill Universities research work showed the system’s unique ability to remove Emerging
Contaminants of Concern from water including medicines, THM’s, pesticides, hormones, drugs and many chemicals.

Canadian Built, Mother Nature Approved.