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PICA provides condition assessment services for pipelines in water and wastewater services. We have in-line inspection tools in sizes from 2” to 78” for steel, cast, and ductile-iron pipes. PICA…

ProMinent Fluid Controls Ltd., manufactures products for water and wastewater treatment, specializing in sensors, controllers and chemical metering (chemical dosing pumps) and polymer preparation systems. ProMinent supplies components and complete…

ReNew Canada is the voice of public sector infrastructure in Canada. Through our editorial, we provoke our readers to discuss the policies, planning approaches and funding tools necessary to grow…

Tank Connection is the leading bolted tank manufacturer and source for factory coated bolted storage tanks, steel tanks, bulk storage tanks, water storage tanks and aluminum geodesic dome covers for liquid…

TECTA-PDS markets the world's first, automated, EPA-approved microbiological water quality monitoring system, which lowers overall monitoring costs and improves both water quality and human health. With over 270 systems now…

VIQUA is proud to be the world’s largest manufacturer of residential and light commercial UV water disinfection systems, providing disinfected water without the use of chemicals. With more than 35…

Treating water seriously, our business reflects our passion for water and the role that it plays in your life. Founded in 1995, Wahl Water is a company with a mission…

WaterBoss’ motto is smaller is smarter. Designed for efficiency, water softeners are also very compact compared to many. Proudly made in the USA, all WaterBoss water systems have NSF and…

Xylem is a leading water technology company committed to “solving water” by creating innovative and smart technology solutions to meet the world’s water, wastewater and energy needs. In a world…

ACO Canada uses a variety of materials to create a range of innovative solutions for surface water drainage, oil-water separation, and storm water management. ACO introduced the concept of linear…