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Distributor and representative of world leading process equipment and technology for treatment and flow monitoring of municipal and industrial water and wastewater. Our equipment and process offering includes: primary treatment,…

Manufacturer of automatic strainers for intake, process, and effluent treatment. Specialized in the removal of large suspended solids, sticky biologicals, and sludge. Strainers from 2” to 48”, filtration down to…

With over 260 installations and over 35 years of experience, ADI Systems can help you comply with regulatory requirements and reduce/eliminate wastewater surcharges. We offer proven aerobic and anaerobic wastewater…

AET Group is a multi-disciplinary environmental consulting, auditing and scientific services company providing innovative sustainable solutions in water resources and wastewater including drinking water quality management systems, regulatory compliance requirements,…

Aslan Technologies is a global provider of water management and reuse solutions to municipal, industrial and commercial markets. Its turn-key and modular designs of packaged plants for the treatment of…

APS is a family-owned business successfully serving municipal, industrial, commercial equipment, and residential wholesale markets in Atlantic Canada since 1970. Representing quality manufacturers APS is dedicated to providing innovative equipment…

Designed for new/existing residential development to high-strength commercial, municipal capabilities, and marine vessels, Bio-Microbics is a leading manufacturer of decentralized wastewater (submerged Fixed-Film, Trickling Filter, Extended Aeration, and MBR Technologies);…

BioMaxx Environmental is a proud Canadian company revolutionizing the wastewater industry since 2006; providing safe, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for the elimination of odour, corrosion, and safety challenges associated with…

Manufacturer and supplier of high quality filter media: anthracite, gravel, sand, greensand plus, resin, activated carbon, and much more. All products exceed AWWA B-100 and NSF Standards.

Econse manufactures water and wastewater purification systems for niche industries. Our technologies are helping small and midsize communities and industries grow sustainably while reducing their impact on waterways.